General meeting for Trampolinen

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On Thursday 11th of November, the educational association Trampolinen will have a general meeting in J1620 at 10:00. You can also join via Teams if you are unable to participate on campus. Trampolinen represents the students on the MSLS-programme.

Order of meeting:

§1Opening of the meeting
§2Election of meeting president, meeting secretary and meeting attestors
§3Question regarding the meeting’s due announcement and quorate
§4Right to speak and right to vote
§5Assessed meeting agenda
§6Follow-up and determination of previous minutes
§7Election of the board for Trampolinen 21/22
§8Decision on the budget for the operational year
Appendix: annual_budget_Trampolinen_2122.pdf
§9Decision on the operational plan for the operational year
Appendix: operational_plan_trampolinen_2122.pdf
§13End of meeting