Nomineringar till Blekinge studentkårs styrelser / Nominations to Blekinge studentunions boards

Nomineringar till Blekinge studentkårs styrelser / Nominations to Blekinge studentunions boards

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UPDATE, 2021-04-14: Removed nomination links and added new information if you missed your opportunity
UPDATE, 2021-03-30: Added link for nomination to Climate students Blekinge
UPDATE, 2021-03-29: Removed outdated forms
UPDATE, 2021-03-25: Added links for nomination to Student culture in Time

Hello students!

Do you want to be an elected representative in one of Blekinge student unions boards? Do you want to enrichen the student life on BTH through diverse events? Or maybe promote the quality of studies and enforce students’ rights? Or maybe you want to affect the student union through revision or deciding on Blekinge student unions yearly budget and organisation goals?

Then you should know that nominations to Blekinge student unions many different boards are open! This post will be updated throughout the week, if you don't see the board you're interested in posted here today, come back later too see if the list has updated!
The links to each nomination form can be found at the bottom of this post. Each form has a snippet written about the board that goes deeper into what the board does and what is required. Read them to see if the board is for you and when the last day to nominate yourself or someone else is.

Right now the chairperson of Blekinge student union is explaining each board under Blekinge student union on our Instagram, do you want to know what each board is responsible for and work towards? Go in and follow our Instagram!

Länkar till nomineringar

Samtliga nomineringslänkar stängdes av 9/4-2021.

På det fjärde ordinarie fullmäktigesammanträde kommer punkten angående en ny styrelse hanteras.
The student union council will vote if the new section "Climate students Blekinge" will be realized. Do you want to be apart the first board for the Climate students of Blekinge?

OBS! It's important to note that it is up to the student union council too decide wether or not this section will become a part of Blekinge student uniuon. The student union council can choose not to sanction this errand.

Dessa sektioner kunde man söka till:
Karlskrona pub section
Section for internet-based socilization
Studentkultur i Tiden

Hann du inte nominera dig själv?

Det kan fortfarande finnas en chans att gå med sektionerna om det yrkas på en öppen nominering under fullmäktigesammanträdet 8-9/5 2021. Endast de som deltar på mötet får möjlighet att bli nominerad till sektionen som yrkar på öppen nominering. Länk för att delta på mötet kommer att komma med ett medlemsmejl när vi närma oss datumet.