For our elected representatives

A student union can't exsist without committed students that are passionate about their studies and the study social that happens when the day is done. As a representatives there can be a lot to keep track of and to make their lives easier. We have gathered everything important in one place, this page.

Almost all links on this page require an account from us, Blekinge Students' Union. 


To keep track on which event that is happening with in the union there's a event calendar. In this calendar kan representatives book their own event and see if someone else has alreday booked the planned time.

For questions, contact

Microsoft Office

Office tools for representatives

As a representative at BSU you have access to Microsofts Office package and the tools that apply. This link will take you to your version of office and the tools you have available.  

Fluffy clouds

Unions fluffy Cloud


Within BSU we have our public cloud where we publish our by-laws and meeting protocols.

Representatives even has their own clouds that they can work through. They can easily keep track on what they are working on no matter how many groups they are a part of.

Other good sites

Anybody can use these sites.