For businesses

Blekinge Studentkår har över 6000 studenter på våra två campus som du kan nå ut till med hjälp av studentkåren. Vi har sociala medier  som du kan få ut ett kvickt meddelande genom eller så kan du träffa våra studenter mer personligt genom att hälsa på en av våra campus eller genom vår arbetsmarknad BAM som arrangeras varje år. Längre ner på sidan kan du läsa om hur studentkåren kan samarbeta med er. Priserna under är inklusive moms.

Do you want to contact specific courses

Check out our educational associations that conduct educational monitoring within the various educations. The work is run by committed students who want to see that the educations prepare you for working life.

Get involved in courses

Are you interested in being involved in the school curriculum and education? Contact BTH on their website.

BAM - Blekinge labour market

BAM 2023 will take place on March 1 at Brinova Arena in Karlskrona. 10.00 -15.00

The purpose of the fair is to let students and companies meet to make contacts and be able to show what working life may entail. For companies, this is a great opportunity to showcase what they work with and what services they offer.


Meet the students

Interested in standing with your company or organization, or maybe you want to get the message out there to students? We help you book a table outside the school library on campus Karlskrona or campus Karlshamn, so that you can interact with students at BTH. No costs for this. 

Email the date, time, company name, phone number and contact person, and we will see if the date works. 


We can set up posters for you at our school. At Karlskrona campus we have 6 different places we can set up your posters and 2 places in Karlshamn. Contact us and we can discuss it further. 

Posters: 250 SEK

A post on our facebook pages

Do you want to get a quick message out to the students. Check out our two Facebook pages. No cost on this.

BTH events – page for events

BTH student – page for things that are not events

Social Media

Do you want to reach out to students through the student union's own social media? The Student Union has its own Facebook and Instagram that we can use to help you reach out to students with.

Event on social media 24h: 500 SEK

Social media posts with advertising included: 1500 SEK 

Want to check out our social media before you decide?

TV screens

Will you have a lecture or an event in Blekinge and want to tell the students?

Blekinge Student Union has screens set up on the school's premises that you can get your message on. 

Price: 2000 SEK (2 weeks)


If you want to give a lecture to the students at BTH, then we can help fix the premises and we help to reach out to the students. Coffee and lunch are not included, but can be fixed with an additional cost.  

Price: 5000 SEK 

Interested in something else?

If you want to come up with something else with the student union, in that case contact us and we will look at the possibilities.