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blekinge student union

We work for you and your education

We make sure your education is top quality

Our main mission is to ensure that your education is of the highest quality. We do this through our educational associations!

Be a part of the student union!

As a student, it is important to get involved during your studies. Both in your studies and alongside them. Commitment shows responsibility and students who are engaged during their studies become more attractive to employers

We plan events

We make sure that there's plenty of fun events to take part in after school hours. This is being done by our social sections!

If you want automatic updates about our events in your calendar. You can download our .ical.


Kommande evenemang / Upcoming Events

The students responsibility

By students, for students

We are by your side during your time here at BTH. Our biggest mission is to ensure that the quality of your education is kept high and that your voice as a student is always heard. We got your back if you need support and help. If you want to read more about us, click on the button below!

Policies and documents

Are you curious about our governance documents? In the archive you can read everything from meeting protocols,statutes and policies.