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Regulatory documents

Regulatory documents are the name for the collection of formal documents that run Blekinges student union. The most important documents are listed on this site.
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The constitution is made with the Swedish law in mind, the Swedish law is the highest ruling regulation for the student union. The constitution explains how the economy is handheld, how meetings are handheld and what rights the members have.

The opinion program summarizes the opinion that members have formally decided that the student union will lift up. Blekinge's student union works with this opinion program in mind, in this document, all possible problems and non problems a student is faced with daily are brought up. Everything from positive treatments of a student to the connection between basic education and a PhD. education. By writing motions (suggestions) for change in this document, you as a student can change what this document stands for.

The student union has a handful of policy documents. Including alcohol, narcotics and how we act towards those topics, most importantly how we try to prevent the usage of narcotics and alcohol.

Blekinge's student unions guidelines, routines and regulations are guides to the work the student unions work with.
You can find them here

Below is the link that will take you to our by-laws for each section and student association

The archive

In our document archive, you'll find all of our regulatory documents, templates, protocol and acts.

Structure of the archive

  • Archive – old information
  • Council – documents for Fullmäktige
  • Union's board – agenda, meeting proceedings and protocol from the student unions board meetings.
  • Graphics & Logos – Logos that represent our organ
  • Templates – templates for internal work
  • Sections & Student associations – protocol from all the sections and student associations
  • Regulatory documents – policy's, guidelines and by-laws