Be apart of student culture

Have you maybe seen us marching in our overalls?
Are you interested in the studentesque clothing? Read more below!

Student culture

Blekinge has a rich student culture and overalls. Even if they can look a little odd, it's the people with overalls that will become your closest friends for the rest of your life.

In Blekinge, the student overalls' different colors indicate what program and education association they belong to. During different events it can get confusing with the colors, Fiaslaget in November, Flumride in May and .bAAKsmällan in June are events that students from all around Sweden attend. Attending a party in another student city is called an "abroad party". An example of different colors is in Blekinge, green means nurse student while in Jönköping it means economy student.

The nomenclature also differs between different places of study. For example, you do not say ovve, but instead ralle in Skåne when referring to a student overall.

For Karlskrona, both items can be ordered from Studentkultur i Tiden
who arranges try-outs in conjunction with the introduction weeks.
If you have any questions regarding the overalls or the technology cap, contact StudentKultur i Tiden:

In Karlshamn it is the festivity committee .smoersex that arranges the try-outs and
ordering of overalls. If you have any questions, contact .smoersex:

Student Technology Cap

The student technology cap is a studentesque garment. The student technology cap is an old tradition in Swedens student unions. That's why a technology cap is considered one of the finest garments a technology student can wear. The burgundy cap can also be used for finer events, for example, the Nobel dinner!

overall colors in blekinge

Brown, Design of Digital games
Pink/Fuchsia, Digital sound production (more towards the gray-pink before)
Dark gray, Digital picture production
Lime green design of digital and immersive experiences
.smoersex; their own overalls, white vest, black shirts and black beret

Red, Machine and Marine technology (ROST)
Green, Nurse (Mårfin(t))
Burgundy, Swedish school of planning (PlanKan)
Navy blue, Software development programs (BITS)
Purple, Industrial management (EKEN)
Orange, Game development programs (BOSS)
Military green, IT security, Computer security (#ROOT)
Sexistenz; Black overalls, green vest and black shirts

Karlshamn, Purple, Web development
Karlshamn, Light blue, Media technology
Karlshamn, Light brown (camel), Cross Media
Karlshamn, Orange, Sofe

Ronneby, 6&, Yellow suspenders, green vest and red shirt (-2009)
Ronneby, Black, Computer technology (-2008)
Ronneby, Turquoise, Industrial management (-2008, RISC)
Ronneby, Mint green, Software engineering (-2008, RISC)
Ronneby, Light green, Software engineering (-2008, RISC)
Ronneby, Purple, Game development (-2008, RISC)
Ronneby, Yellow, Interaction and design (2005-2008, ARON)
Ronneby, Orange, Human computer technology working life (-2004. DASC)
Ronneby, Lila, Computer engineer (-2002, RISC)

Karlskrona, White, Telecommunications, Tele/datacommunications, Medicinal technology (with black, red, purple, and green stripes respectively) (-2008, TSF)
Karlskrona, Light green, Humanities/LKDM
Karlskrona, Blue, Social sciences