Election for the student union council 21/22

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Hi members!

The time has come to vote for who you think will be a suitable trusted electee for next years student union council (2021-2022).
To vote you must go to one of our three voting stations.

This year is a different year, a physical voting station can be found troublesome. We at Blekinge student union understand that therefore we have worked towards and developed a safe way to physically vote.

Below you'll find the scheduled voting stations and how you as a member can vote in the safest way possible.

Times and locations for voting stations:
- Thursday the 8th of April, 13:00 - 15:00 in Karlskrona at the benches outside of house J on campus.
- Friday the 9th of April, 13:00 - 16:00 in Karlshamn at the patch of grass outside of campus.
- Friday the 10th of April, 10:00 - 12:00 in Karlskrona at the benches outside of house J on campus.

If the weather prevents us from holding the voting station outside the station's location will change to:
- In Karlskrona, the previous student office, a yellow house with a sign above the door that shows the Blekinge student union logo.
In Karlshamn, oasen (campus Karlshamn's librairy).
If you can't find the station call the chairperson, he'll give you directions, you can reach him at 0708276162.

How to vote as a member:
Before you arrive at the voting station:
Understand that if you have any signs of symptoms stay at home, there are multiple stations planned it's ok to miss one of them.
- Read the motivations written by nominees on our cloud (motivations are planned to be up tomorrow, Wednesday 8 o'clock), decide in advance which three nominees you will be voting for.

Making your way to the voting station:
- Check for the possibility to skip public transport. You can, for example, bike, walk or carpool with friends.

At the voting station:
The station will be set up with two tables, one where the station manager will be sitting and one where the voting station is.
If you see another member is already at the station wait for that member to finish and for the station manager to sanitize and prepare the station for the next voter.

When it's your turn to vote, if you have a question or wonders about the process ask the station manager, remember to keep your distance for everybody's safety.